Target Confidentiality | Easy Access with Reduced Risk

DNA-Encoded Library (DEL) technology involves a novel affinity selection process that integrates chemistry, biology, bioinformatics and computational chemistry to facilitate a rapid drug discovery process, allowing access to more chemical space with lower cost. In contrast to high throughput screening, DEL requires a very small amount of target protein and minimum assay development. More importantly, it disrupts the concept of “cost-per-well” and allows testing billions of compounds in one tube.

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DELight | Self-service Platform

DELight provides a self-service platform for clients to explore an enormous amount of DEL molecules without sharing target information. DELight users are able to conduct affinity selection experiments in their own labs, and WuXi Biology is responsible for post-selection processing, sequencing and data analysis.

  • Complete confidentiality of target information
  • Well-balanced chemical space
  • Fast turn-around
  • Compatible with computational tools

DELight Services

WuXi Biology provides a DELight kit containing 58 libraries and 10.8 billion compounds, buffers and a step-by-step online experimental manual. Drug developers perform affinity selection according to the manual and return the sample to WuXi Biology upon completion. WuXi Biology is responsible for analysis such as PCR amplification, qPCR determination, purification and NGS (Next Generation Sequencing).

Clients have the option to purchase the entire package of affinity data if promising hits are discovered.

We also offer machine learning (ML) and ML enhanced hit finding options to explore more chemical space for DELight users through our partnership with Schrödinger. However, if no features are identified, the project can be terminated for cost and risk control.

WuXi AppTec DELight Kit

The Kit

  • 58 Libraries
  • Diversity of compounds: 15.1 Billion
  • 4 experimental conditions

Services with NO extra fee

  • Sample processing at WuXi AppTec DEL platform
  • NGS & Data deconvolution
  • Data summary report

Our Services :

Post-selection processing: Sample quantitation by qPCR | PCR amplification

Next generation sequencing (NGS)

Data analysis & online platform: Decoding | Filter setting | Online data visualization platform

What is inside DELight ?

DEL Libraries 10ul x 4 | 10.8B compounds | 58 libraries

Buffer components | Imidazole

QC package x 2

Returning tubes and stickers

Technical Support

User manual with step-by-step instructions

Tutorial videos on affinity selection

Teaching lab in Boston, US and Suzhou, China

DELight Handbook

Screen billions of compounds in a small tube

About DELight

DEL Self-service without sharing target information

DELight User Manual

Guidelines for your DEL screening

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