Discovery Peptide Synthesis Services

Since 2012, WuXi App Tec peptide platform has provided custom peptide services for 1000+ customers globally. We offer numerous options for synthesis scales, purity levels, modifications, and salt forms. Our aim is to provide peptide products for your drug discovery research quickly with high quality!

  • Over 98% success rate
  • Broad synthetic scale from milligram to kilogram
  • Variety of peptide products, including linear peptide, macrocyclic peptide, modified peptide and peptide based complex conjugates
  • Products can be delivered as on-resin, crude, as well as purified powder at desired purity up to 99%
  • Each peptide comes with MS and HPLC/UPLC analytics data
  • Quick turnaround time – most peptides under 40AA are completed within 2 weeks
Peptibodies, peptibody, peptide-Fc fusion molecules
peptide, amino acid

Linear Peptide

  • Fmoc solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS)
  • Fragment Coupling
  • Ligation
linear, peptide, phospho

Cyclic Peptide

Cyclization is now a common strategy for improving pharmacological properties of a peptide from its linear precursor, including affinity and specificity, proteolytic stability, and/or solubility.

Our team has rich experience in cyclic peptide synthesis, with 80,000+ cyclic peptides successfully delivered.

cyclic peptide

Modified Peptide

We offer a comprehensive range of special modifications to meet your needs. Examples include N-terminal modification, C-terminal modification, dye/fluorescent labeling, biotin-labeling, PEGylation, post-translational modification, DOTA/NOTA labeling, and isotope labeling.

isotope, labeled peptide

Automatic and High Throughput Peptide Synthesizer

For routine peptide synthesis, we apply automatic synthesizers to accelerate SPPS portion.   With advanced synthesizers, as well as a variety of prep-HPLC equipment installed in house, your requested compound can be ready within as fast as 5 days.

automated peptide synthesizer