Preclinical Pharmacology

WuXi Biology offers in integrated services with in vitro biology, DMPK and toxicology studies to provide datasets and evidence for IND-enabling.

Large and expanding infrastructure

  • AAALAC-accredited animal facility
  • IVC-cage capacity in SPF barrier

Growing number of available animal models

  • 1700+ tumor models: 1400+ PDX / 300+ CDX / 80+ syngeneic models
  • Gene KO/KI animals

Exploration in new technologies including patient-derived organoids, single cell RNAseq, and NanoString

We offer Pharmacokinetic studies and ADME (stabilities, plasma protein binding, transporter, tissue distribution, metabolic ID, excretion), safety and efficacy studies with both in vitro and in vivo models.


  • In vitro assays
    • Protein/enzyme activity, induction & inhibition
    • Transferase assays
    • Cellular toxicity with primary cell cultures
    • ADC off-target screening
    • Genetic toxicity
  • In vivo toxicity
    • Toxicokinetics (TK)
    • Systemic & specific tox
    • Short & long term tox
    • Clinical relevance (dose, dose escalation)
    • Clinical safety


  • Benchmark, selection
    • Animal efficacy test
    • Animal models of clinical relevance
    • Target engagement
    • PD profiling
    • Biomarkers
  • PK/PD study / PK parameters for efficacy
  • Mechanistic pharmacology
    • Gene expression profiling (NanoString)
    • System biologystudies
    • Disease mechanism


  • Benchmark, selection
  • PK
    • Standard PK
    • PK parameters for efficacy
    • Dosing regimen design
  • ADME
    • Stability testing
    • Plasma protein binding
    • Transporter studies
    • Tissue distribution
    • Metabolite ID
      • Excretion analysis

Diseases Areas

Animal models for Cardiovascular and Metabolic diseases, including NASH, hypertension, stroke, obesity

Cardiovascular & Metabolic Diseases

Heart failure & stroke | Hypertension | AF | Obesity & diabetes | NASH |Kidney failure | Hyperuricemia

Virology services and models for infectious diseases, including RSV, HBV, COVID, Influenza, and HCV

Infectious Diseases

A comprehensive virology platform to support lead ID/Op, SAR, PCC | HDI | AAV/HBV | HBV | RSV | Influenza

Animal models for oncology and immuno-oncology disorders; PDX, CDX, syngeneic, CAR-T, TCR-T, PBMC

Oncology & Immuno-oncology

All major cancer types

CNS neurobiology platform to support neurodegenerative diseases; Stroke, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Pain


Parkinson’s | Alzheimer’s | Pain | Epilepsy/seizure | Brain stroke | TBI

Animal models and services for respiratory diseases, including COPD, asthma, PAH, sleep apnea

Respiratory Diseases

COPD | Asthma | PAH | Obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome

Animal models for immunology and inflammation disorders; rheumatoid arthritis, IBD, IBS, MS, Psoriasis

Immunology and inflammation

Rheumatoid arthritis | IBD | MS | SLE | Psoriasis | ACD

Services to support liver, lung, kidney, and Gastrointestinal diseases; Fibrosis, IBS, nephropathy, kidney injury

Liver, Lung, Kidney, GI Diseases

Lung Fibrosis | ALI | Nephropathy | Acute kidney injuries | kidney fibrosis | Gastric ulcer | IBS