Platform to support integrated project delivery

We offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions for creating, identifying, and supporting preclinical candidates, from discovery to development, with our integrated chemistry and biology research platform.

Integrated biology, chemistry, biophysics, ADME, DMPK, in silico services, screening, HTS, medchem

Our discovery platform encompasses biology, chemistry, structural biology, biophysics and ADME/PK. This integration of capabilities allows a collaborative environment, enabling enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Hits Identification

  • Target validation
  • HTS- novel/focused libraries
  • DNA-Encoded Libraries
  • High quality protein production
  • Fragment screening and biophysical hit finding
  • X-ray crystallography
  • CADD (molecular docking, homology modeling, pharmacophore modeling, core hopping, virtual screening)

Medicinal Chemistry and Synthetic Chemistry

  • Medicinal chemistry design
  • Synthetic chemistry- special chemistry platform, unique scaffolds/ building blocks, high throughput synthesis/ purification
  • Large scale SFC/chiral separation. Impurity isolation and identification
  • Project management
  • Compound management
  • Deliver preclinical candidates

In vitro Biology and in vivo Pharmacology

  • Multiple biology screening platform
  • Infectious disease platform
  • Specialty models including NASH
  • Targeted oncology, immuno-oncology, translational oncology
  • Autoimmune and inflammatory diseases
  • Electrophysiology


  • in vitro and  in vivo ADME
  • Preformulation
  • Bioanalytical method development
  • Multiple species
  • PD models
  • in vivo PK/PD (Biomarkers)
  • Metabolite ID
  • Radiolabeled studies
  • Mass Balance
  • Discovery to IND-enabling (FDA, CFDA, EMA)

Toxicity Testing and Early Toxicology

  • Non-GLP and GLP
  • Safety pharmacology
  • Genetic & in vitro toxicology
  • Developmental & reproductive toxicology
  • Ocular toxicology
  • Toxicokinetcis & bioanalytical analysis
  • Pathology