In Vivo Models for Respiratory Diseases

Asthma Model

OVA allergen induced mouse asthma model

Test parameters:

  • Airway airflow and lung function: Penh, Ri, Re and Cldyn
  • Cells count in BALF: total WBC, EOS, NEUT, LYM(%)
  • Igs in serum: Total IgE, allergen sIgE and allergen sIgG1
  • Pathology: H&E, PAS and Masson staining of lung sections

OVA induced rats asthma model

Test parameters:

  • Penh (enhanced pause)
  • Inflammatory cells number in BALF
  • Total IgE in serum
  • H&E staining of lung sections

OVA/HDM induced Guinea pig asthma model;

OVA allergen induced dog asthma model;

HDM or Ascaris suum induced macaca fascicularis asthma model

COPD (Chronic obstruction pulmonary disease) Antiviral Services

Cigarette smoking inhalation induced rat model of COPD

Test parameters

  • Body weight
  • Lung function index: FEV0.1/FVC, FEV0.3/FVC, Cldyn, Ri, Re
  • Penh
  • H&E staining of lung sections
  • Inflammatory cells count in BALF
  • Cytokines in BALF and plasma: MCP-1, KC, TNF-a

IPF Model (Model of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis)

Intratracheally injection of bleomycin (BLM) induced mouse model of IPF  

Test parameters:

  • Survival proportions
  • Hydroxyproline level
  • H&E staining of lung sections
  • Inflammatory cells number in BALF
  • Penh 

PAH Model (Pulmonary arterial hypertension)

Monocrotaline (MCT) induced rat , mini pig and monkey models of PAH 

Test parameters:

  • Body weight
  • BP (Blood pressure) 
  • RVSP (Right ventricular systolic pressure)
  • RVHI (Right ventricular hypertrophy index)
  • Right ventricular function index: RVIDd, RVIDs, RVFS, BFVTV , PFV
  • PCNA (Prolifterating cell nuclear antigen staining)
  • PAWT (Pulmonary arterial wall thickness )

OSAHS (Obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome) Model in DIO Mouse

Tension of Isolated Tracheal Rings Assay

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