Comprehensive Platform and Services

The Oncology & Immunology Unit works efficiently with partners through our leading biology research service platform. We cover all of your research needs ranging from target discovery, in vitro and in vivo pharmacology, and translational research to clinical biomarker testing enabling drug discovery for cancer, autoimmune disease and rare genetic diseases (RGD).

We established a disease model library comprised of over 2,000 animal models including cancer, autoimmune disease and genetic engineering RGD:

  • Tumor model library of human cancer cell line-derived xenograft (CDX) models, patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models, drug-resistant models and metastasis models.
  • IO model library of murine syngeneic tumor models, humanized mice by adoptive and KO/KI approaches
  • Sub-library of autoimmune and inflammation models
  • Collection of RGD models via genetic engineering

We have a world-class platform for CRISPR/Cas9 mediated in vitro and in vivo screens for target identification and validation.

We have established a comprehensive Immuno-Oncology translational platform

  • Biomarker discovery platform with state of art technology including flow cytometry, NanoString, scRNAseq, RNAscope and multiplex IF;
  • CAP certified lab for clinical pathology and flow cytometry with over 200 clinical validated biomarkers to support clinical drug development.
  • Large animal (NHP, canine, swine) based translational research platform with state-of-art facility, comprehensive biomarker research and human correlation capability

One-stop RGD service from disease model creation to pre-clinical testing.

Rich experience in IND-enabling pharmacology studies for both FDA and NMPA filings, as either standalone or
integrated drug discovery programs.

Immunology End-to-end services and solutions to enable cancer drug discovery Discovery and clinical biomarker services by pathology and flow-cytometry Generation of cell lines with CRISPR-mediated gene knockout, mutation knocking A large collection andtumors model for small& large molecule drugdrug discovery Tumor Models CRISPR/Cas9 Biomarker

Capabilities at a Glance

  • CRISPR/Cas9 library in vitro + in vivo screen and target validation
  • 282 mouse CDX and 20 rat CDX
  • 33 Orthotopic and 25 Metastasis
  • 1380 PDX + 77 PDC +20 PDO
  • 89 Drug resistant models
  • 70 Syngeneic models
  • 71 Humanized models
  • 41 Auto-immune models
  • 100 GEAM
  • AAV packaging
  • 30 Immune assays
  • 100+ Discovery biomarkers
  • 200+ Clinical biomarkers

About the Team

  • 700+ scientists with operations in Shanghai, Suzhou, Nantong and Chengdu in China
  • Leaders with industry experience in drug discovery
  • ~70% PhD/MS, many with overseas training
  • AAALAC credited SPF animal facility with over 30,000 IVC-cages
  • BSL2 in vitro labs and ABSL2 vivarium
  • CAP certified clinical pathology and FACS lab