Comprehensive Platform and Services

Our Oncology & Immunology teams can support all of your research needs, ranging from target discovery to in vitro/in vivo pharmacology, translational research, and clinical biomarker testing to accelerate projects focused on cancer, autoimmune diseases, and rare genetic diseases (RGD).

We have established a disease model library comprised of over 2,000 animal models representing cancer, autoimmune diseases, and rare genetic diseases:

  • Tumor model libraries of human cancer cell line-derived xenograft (CDX) models, patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models, drug-resistant models and metastasis models.
  • Immuno-oncology libraries of murine syngeneic tumor models
  • Sub-libraries of autoimmune and inflammation models
  • Broad collection of RGD models

We have a world-class platform for in vitro and in vivo screens for target identification and validation, and we have also established a comprehensive Immuno-Oncology translational platform:

  • Biomarker discovery platform with state of art technology including flow cytometry, NanoString, scRNAseq, RNAscope and multiplex IF;
  • CAP certified lab for clinical pathology and flow cytometry with over 200 clinical validated biomarkers to support clinical drug development.
  • Large animal (NHP, canine, swine) based translational research platform with state-of-art facility, comprehensive biomarker research and correlation capability

One-stop services platform for rare genetic diseases, from animal model creation to pre-clinical testing.

Rich experience in IND-enabling pharmacology studies for both FDA and NMPA filings, as either stand-alone or as integrated drug discovery programs.

Immunology End-to-end services and solutions to enable cancer drug discovery Discovery and clinical biomarker services by pathology and flow-cytometry in cells or mice, fromconcept to disease models and efficacy studies A large collection andtumors model for small& large molecule drugdrug discovery Tumor Models Target Validation Biomarker

Capabilities at a Glance

  • Library-based target ID
  • Biochemical & cell-based assays
  • 320+ CDX models in mouse
  • 50+ Tumor models in rat and hamster
  • 40+ Orthotopic models
  • 30+ Metastasis models
  • 80+ Syngeneic models
  • 90+ Humanized IO models
  • 30+ Immune functional assays
  • Multiplex pathology analysis
  • Flow-cytometry and full-spectral Flow
  • NanoString, and scRNAseq

Resources at a Glance

  • AAALAC credited SPF animal facility with over 30,000 IVC-cages
  • BSL2 in vitro labs
  • ABSL2 vivarium
  • CAP certified clinical pathology and FACS lab

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