In Vitro Assay Development and Validation

WuXi Biology offers comprehensive assays and assay development/validation services that cover all major therapeutic target classes including:

Our teams are familiar and experienced with various formats and technologies. All assays are well developed and optimized with robust and reproducible outcomes and validated with reference compounds. Most assays can be made available in high-throughput screening (HTS) format after HTS adaptation and validation.

Our assay development services provide translational insights using a comprehensive panel of in vitro assays. Our experts can help you select and develop the right assays to advance your drug discovery projects. Our technology platforms include both biochemical assays and cell-based assays to provide services tailored to your needs:

In vitro biology, primary cell culture, HCS, mass spectrometry, FRET, SPA, TLC, cAMP, FLIPR, FACS, qPCR, ADME

Instrument and Technology

Our Discovery Biology Unit is dedicated to provide open access to our integrated platforms that support plate-based screening with state-of-the-art instrumentation:

Plate readers; Cellomics array scan, MSD, Biacore, UPLC, FLIPR
Janus, Hamilton, Agilent, Biotek instruments
Topcount, micro-beta, ABI-7300, Acumen, multidrop instruments
Echo550, RapidFire/MS/MS, Flow Cytometer, Caliper, EPC 10 manual patch clamping device, HEKA

Multimode plate readers

  • Caliper (EZreaderII); Biacore (3000)
  • FACS (CaliperBA), FACSJazz Flow Cytometer (BD),
  • MSD (SI6000)
  • Topcount; MicroBeta
  • Viewlux; FLIPR; Envision; SpetraMax
  • UPLC/MS/MS; RapidFire/MS/MS
  • Cellomics ArrayScan, Acumen X3
  • ABI 7300, ABI ViiA7
  • INCUCYTE™ Kinetic Imaging
  • EPC 10 manual patch clamping device (HEKA)
  • xCELLigence System RTCA Cardio Instrument

Liquid handling systems

  • Echo550 (Labcyte)
  • Mosquito (TTP), Platemate Plus (Thermo)
  • Bravo (Agilent), Hamilton StarLet (Hamilton)
  • JANUS Workstation (PE)
  • Multidrop Combi w/ stackers (Thermo)
  • Apricot (Apricot Designs)
  • Precision 2000 (Biotek)
  • REMP Piercer