Translational Oncology

  • Biomarker discovery
  • Human tumor bank
  • 70+ PDX-derived primary cancer cell lines
  • Drug-resistant PDX models
  • Combination therapy platform, including radiation
  • World-leading genotyping and bioinformatics capabilities
  • DNA, RNA and protein biomarkers as pharmacodynamics readouts

In Vitro Pharmacodynamic Capabilities

neurons, neuronal cells, in vitro cell culture, immunofluorescence
In vitro cultured primary DRG neurons
  • ELISA, qPCR, and FACS analysis
  • Cell cycle and apoptosis assays
  • Cell proliferation, cytotoxicity assays
  • Cell-based functional assays
  • Biochemical assays supporting all major target classes
  • Comprehensive panel of kinase assays
  • Extensive portfolio of immunology-based assays

Biomarker Discovery

biomarker, IHC, FISH
EGFR: Immunohistochemistry and FISH
  • Tumor markers, immunophenotyping, cytokines/chemokines
  • Cutting-edge instrumentation, including ZEISS Axio-Z1, PE Vectra, and Aperio-VERSA
  • Up to 12-Plex analysis on one slide
  • HE/IHC, multiplex IF, RNAscope, FISH, and IHC
  • Quantitative pathology to interrogate protein/RNA expression in cancer
  • Direct labeling and TSA multiplex IF staining technology

Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization

FISH, biomarker
  • Validated FISH assays, including:
    • HER2, EGFR, PDL1, PDL2, Bcl-2, Bcl-6
    • FGFR1, FGFR2, FGF19, ALK, MET, ROS1
  • DNA FISH on blood sample
  • Dual in situ hybridization (DISH) available
  • RNAScope (RNA in situ hybridization)

Combination Therapy Platform including Radiation

Radiation baseline in syngeneic models 

  • Radiation was recently considered to be promising in combination with immunotherapy, based on its capacity of mobilizing immune responses
  • RadSource RS2000/XE X-ray irradiator suitable for small animal use
  • 2 syngeneic models with radiation therapy data 

Radiation baseline in PDX models 

  • 21 PDX models with radiation therapy data

Case study: combination therapy with radiation

PDX Derived Human Cancer Cell Lines (PCC)

70+ human cancer cell lines generated from PDX models

  • With matched PDX models
  • Cancer stem cell (CSC) features
  • Most xenograft models in mice recapitulate pathology of the original patient tumor
  • Gene expression/mutation data available

Drug-resistant PDX Models

  • Resistance was induced by repeated treatment
  • Gene expression/mutation data available for erlotinib and crizotinib resistant NSCLC models

Erlotinib Resistant Lung Cancer PDX Harboring EGFRL858R

  • LU-01-0055 PDX harboring EGFRL858R
  • Sensitive to erlotinib
  • Erlotinib resistant LU- 01-0055R
  • Afatinib overcame the erlotinib resistance

Innovative Translational Research Platform

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