We offer a comprehensive platform supporting nucleic acid therapeutic discovery and development at all stages. Our one-stop service offers monomer and oligonucleotide synthesis for a broad range of nucleic acid therapeutics, including special modifications, chiral oligos, and oligo-conjugations. Our expertise in formulation, state-of-the-art in vitro bioassays, toxicity testing and in vivo PoC can further accelerate the discovery and development processes. View our mRNA services flyer here, and our oligonucleotide services flyer here.

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mRNA, RNA, messenger RNA molecule, siRNA, antisense oligonucleotide, micro RNA
Oligonucleotide, oligo, conjugation, formulation, synthesis, GalNAc, siRNA, micro RNA, ASO, lipid, PMO, miRNA
Monomer/linker/conjugate synthesis
  • Synthesis of bridged and bicyclic nucleic acids, novel amidites, and GalNAc ligands
  • Oligonucleotide custom synthesis of siRNA, miRNA, ASO/gapmers, aptamers, CpG ODN, PMO, and DNA
  • GalNAc-siRNA conjugation, for targeted delivery to hepatocytes
  • Lipid conjugation, to increase cellular uptake and enhance stability of oligonucleotides
  • Peptide conjugation of ASOs and siRNAs, to improve cell targeting and permeability
  • Conjugation of oligos to small molecules, toxins, PEG, and antibodies
Oligo Library
  • Library of GalNAc-conjugated siRNAs
  • Custom oligonucleotide library synthesis services, including siRNA duplex libraries and PMO libraries
  • Comprehensive library of special monomers
  • High-throughput oligo synthesis and purification
Oligo Optimization
  • Nucleobase and sugar-skeleton modifications
  • Sequence substitution and back bone optimization
  • Optimization of conjugation, for delivery and release
  • Stability testing of siRNAs and conjugates
Target Validation and Sequence Design
  • In silico sequence selection
  • Library-based in vitro and in vivo screening
  • sgRNA library screens (sgRNAi and sgRNAa)
  • Cell-line engineering: overexpression, shRNA knockdown, KO/KI
  • Phenotypic profiling: cell proliferation, cell death, cell cycle profiling
  • Genetically engineered mouse models
In vitro and in vivo efficacy/early tox screening, off-target
  • Knockdown effect in cell lines and primary cells (mRNA & protein assessment)
  • Functional evaluation via cell cycle analysis and downstream signaling pathways
  • Assessment of cell-based delivery using GalNAc/ASGPR binding & uptake assays
  • In vitro toxicity: immune response profiling and cytotoxicity assessment in primary human hepatocytes
  • Off-target effects (transcriptome analysis): off-target profiling by RNAseq
  • Quantification of siRNA in the RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC)
  • In vivo PD studies in HDI, transgenic, and AAV mouse models; confirm cellular location of knockdown
  • In vivo PD studies in NHPs, determine duration of knockdown effect
  • Analysis of biomarkers to predict PD/efficacy studies of oligos
ADME and in vivo PK
  • PK studies in mice: siRNA levels in plasma, kidney and liver quantified by stem-loop qRT-PCR
  • Plasma protein binding assays and biodistribution studies
  • Metabolic stability assessment and metabolite profiling/identification
  • Mass balance and excretion analysis (including biliary excretion)
  • Bioanalytical platforms for measuring oligo levels, including LC-MS/MS, LC-HRMS, qPCR, and ligand binding assays
  • Polymeric, lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) for siRNA and ASO delivery
  • Advanced technology offering high homogeneity, robust reproducibility, and scalability for all types of liposomes
  • LNPs exhibiting high encapsulation efficiency and narrow particle size distribution at <100 nm

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Scale-up and Manufacture
  • State-of-the-art facilities supporting oligo process development and manufacturing at any scale, from nmol to mol
  • Covering a variety of oligo types including, ASOs, siRNAs, aptamers, oligo conjugates, PMOs and PPMOs
  • Oligo production services from lab scale to commercial scale, with more than 10 R&D production lines

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  • Full toxicology capabilities, core battery of testing available
  • Discovery toxicity studies include exploratory, genetic, and in vitro assays
  • General toxicology studies (rodent, rabbit, dog, NHP, minipig) for 14-days, 28-days, and 13-weeks, 26/39-weeks
  • TK bioanalytical method development and validation
  • Immunology-related tox services, including tissue cross reactivity and Immunohistochemistry studies

Target Selection

Off-target, in silico, bioinformatics, oligo sequence, homology, SNP, transcripts, RNA, ASO

Selection and validation of target and modality

Bioinformatics for in silico sequence pre-selection• Overview of target: expression pattern, isoform, SNPs
• Homology comparison cross species
• Off-target consideration
• Efficiency prediction

Oligonucleotide Design

Semi-automated in silico oligo sequence and modification design  

siRNA, RISC complex, knockdown, FRET, qPCR, GPCR, Tm, splicing

Sequence Design for Candidate siRNAs

Transcripts of target gene
Expression & Isoform
Gene expression/mutation information
SNP & genetic sequence
Fragmentation• SNP avoidance
• GC ratio/distribution
• Position at transcripts
Off-target filter in human• Target microRNA
Homology comparison• NHP
• Mouse/Rat
Efficiency evaluation• Sequence context
• Thermodynamic features

In vitro activity assessment

  • In vitro cell-based knock down assessments (transfection and free uptake)
  • Splicing analysis
  • Functional assays
  • Tm (melting temperature) determination
  • Quantification of siRNA in RISC complex

Cell Lines for Knockdown Assessment

> 400 cell lines available lines in WuXi Biology cell bank

  • Patient derived cell lines
  • Customized stable cell lines with lentivirus system 

Primary Cells for Knockdown Assessment

  • Primary human and animal hepatocytes
  • Primary monkey, rat  and mouse fibroblast cells; neuronal cells and muscle cells 
  • Customized additional primary cells available upon request
Reporter assays psiCHECK reporter assay and other reporter assays
Evaluation of knockdown effect• mRNA assessment by RT-qPCR, bDNA, ddPCR, capillary electrophoresis, Sanger sequencing and NGS 
• Protein assessment of by ELISA, Luminex, MSD, CBA, Western/Capillary Western, FACS, HCS, IF, HiBiT luciferase reporter assay, AlphaLISA, and ICW
Tm (melting temperature) determinationFRET method with qPCR
Cell-based functional assays• GPCR & other receptor assays
• Ion channels & transporters
• Apoptosis/cell cycle
• Angiogenesis
• Downstream signaling pathway analysis
• Cell structure and morphology analysis
• Virus infection assays
• Customized assays
RT-PCR, mRNA, electroporation, primary cells, LDH
siRNA, gapmer, aptamers, lentivirus, RNAseq, psiCHECK reporter assay

Early Toxicology

Cytotoxicity assessment

  • Cancer cell lines (HUH-1, HEPG-2)
  • Non-cancer cell lines (HEK-293, HK-2, HFL-1, HUVEC)
  • Cryopreserved primary human hepatocytes


  • HEK-Blue-hTLR3, 5, 7, 8, 9, RIG-I, MAD5 cell-based reporter assays
  • Cytokine induction and immune cell activation in PBMCs

Off-target profiling

  • In silico analysis
  • NanoString, single-cell RNAseq analysis
  • psiCHECK reporter assay
Cell viability and apoptosis• CellTiter-Glo
• LDH assay
• Caspase-Glo 3/7
In vitro immunogenicity assays• Cell-based reporter assays: TLRs, RIG-I and MAD5 reporter
• Cytokine stimulation in hPBMCs or animal immune cells/whole blood
Off-target effects• PPHs transfected with siRNA; RNA extraction and analysis by RNAseq
• Generation of volcano plots, heatmaps, CNET plots
• Analysis of pathways not involving the target gene
siRNA, psiCHECK, RT-PCR, NHP models, in silico, GalNAc-ASGPR delivery, SPR screening
siRNA activity in RT-PCR reporter assay, KD

In vivo Efficacy and PK/PD studies

  • Humanized mouse models
    • Transgenic
    • HDI
    • AAV mouse models
  • NHP models
  • Pharmacology models
  • Various dosing routes
  • Short and long-term KD efficacy/pharmacology readouts
Humanized mouse models, transgenic, HDI, AAV mouse models, NHPs

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Delivery and Analysis

  • Delivery tool discovery
    • Ligand discovery for conjugation: HTS, ASMS, DEL, On-bead DEL, Phage display
    • LNP discovery: novel lipids, SORT lipid, Target LNP (small molecule, peptide, antibody, aptamer conjugated LNP)
  • Binding and Internalization
  • Transcytosis
  • Endosome release
  • RISC loading or other functional protein complex formation
  • In vitro stability and Protein-Protein Binding
  • Mouse, rat, NHP in vivo delivery/RISC PK
GalNAc-ASGPR delivery system, SPR screening, RISC PK, protein-protein binding

Oligonucleotide Synthesis & Conjugation

A One-stop Shop to Create Your ‘Monomer-Oligo-Conjugate’

  • Focus on Discovery Scales to Support Early-stage Development | Accelerate Oligo-based Drug Discovery
  • Delivering a broad spectrum of special monomers, diversified oligonucleotides, and custom-tailored solution for oligo-conjugation
    • Special monomer synthesis bicyclic nucleic acid, stereo-defined amidite, GalNAc, PMO monomers
    • Comprehensive panel of oligonucleotides: siRNAs, antisense oligonucleotide (ASO), CpG, aptamer , PMO
    • Modified oligonucleotides: various bicyclic nucleic acids, 2’-modification , inverted abasic, 5’-VP
    • Linker-attached oligonucleotides: single-strand and duplex with 3’- or 5’-linker modification, including amino, azido, alkyne, tetrazine, and maleimide, toward antibody conjugation.
    • Long RNA sequences: up to 100 bp, >90% purity
    • Oligo conjugation: siRNA and ASO with 3’- or 5’-conjugation, including GalNAc, [eptide, small molecule, cholesterol, lipid, PEG, and fluorescent tags
oligonucleotide, nucleic acid synthesis and conjugation
oligonucleotide synthesis and conjugation, GalNAc, PMO monomers, antisense

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RNAi Therapies
Antisense Oligonucleotide Therapies
Peptide Oligonucleotide Conjugates
Individualized Oligonucleotide Therapies

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