Oligonucleotide & Conjugation

A One-stop Shop to Create Your ‘Monomer – Oligo – Conjugate’

  • Focus on Discovery Scales to Support Early-stage Development | Accelerate Oligo-based Drug Discovery
  • Delivering a broad spectrum of special monomers, diversified oligonucleotides, and custom-tailored solution to oligo-conjugation
    • Special monomer synthesis — bicyclic nucleic acid, stereo-defined amidite, GalNAc, PMO monomers
    • Most comprehensive oligonucleotide — siRNA, antisense oligonucleotide (ASO), CpG, aptamer, PMO
    • Modified oligonucleotide — various bicyclic nucleic acid, 2’-modification, inverted abasic, 5’-VP
    • Linker-attached oligonucleotide — single-strand and duplex with 3’- or 5’-linker modification, including amino, azido, alkyne, tetrazine, and maleimide, toward antibody conjugation.
    • Long RNA sequence — up to 100 bp, >90% purity
    • Oligo-conjugation — siRNA and ASO with 3’- or 5’-conjugation, including GalNAc, Peptide, small molecule, cholesterol, lipid, PEG, fluorescent tag…

A complete set of oligonucleotide synthesis facilities