cell division, microscopy

Cell Engineering and Cell-Based Assays

  • Gene knock-out, allele-specific genome editing, and inducible gene knock-down
  • Drug resistant cell line generation, stable cell line generation, phenotypic analysis (CRISPR/Cas9, lentiviral system)
  • Cell Proliferation Assays (growth rate, doubling time, viability)
  • Cell Death Assays (apoptosis, necrosis, autophagy)
  • Cell Cycle Assays (cell cycle phases, mitosis, quiescence, senescence)
  • Subcellular Localization & Translocation Assays (endocytosis, exocytosis, nuclear/cytosol)
  • Subcellular Organelle Functional Assays (mitochondria, Golgi, endoplasmic reticulum)
  • Cell Motility, Invasion, and Chemotaxis Assay
  • Customized Services – Please contact us for your special needs

CRISPR/Cas9 Based Method for KO/KI Cell Line Generation

CRISPR/Cas9 Based Method for KO/KI Cell Line Generation, sgRNA design, stable cell line, gene knock-out, in

Target-based Mechanistic Assays

  • DNA, RNA, protein level
  • Subcellular localization
  • Signaling pathway research
  • Cellular detection of protein phosphorylation
  • Protein-Protein interaction
  • Cell metabolite detection
  • Cell morphology and phenotype analysis

Potency Correlation of Protein-Protein Interaction

Potency Correlation of Protein-Protein Interaction, binding assays, IC50 determination

Cell Function

  • Cell viability/toxicity
  • Cell proliferation
  • Cell cycle
  • Cell motility/migration
  • Cell apoptosis
  • 2D/3D Clonogenic assay

OrisTM Migration Assay

OrisTM Migration Assay, cellular function and viability

Transwell Migration Assay

Transwell Migration Assay, cell motility and cell cycle

3D Clonogenic Assay

3D Clonogenic Assay, cell proliferation, toxicity, soft agar assay geltrex

Outstanding Platform to Enable Cancer Immunotherapy with One-Stop Service

  • Immunological function assessment
  • Tumor microenvironment analysis
  • In vivo efficacy evaluation on animal models
  • NGS to understand TCR/BCR repertoire
  • Patient TILs analysis

Immuno-oncology In Vitro Functional Assays

  • Immune cell activation assays
    • T/B/NK cell activation
  • Macrophage differentiation assays
    • M1/M2 macrophage differentiation
    • DC differentiation
    • MDSC induction
  • T cell polarization assays
    • Treg/Th1/Th2/Th17 differentiation
  • T cell cytotoxicity assay
    • Cytotoxic T lymphocyte assay (OT-1 system)
  • Mixed lymphocyte reaction
  • Primary immune cell profiling
  • Immune cell suppressive assay
    • MDSC/Treg/Tumor-T suppressive assay
  • Antibody mediated immunological assay


WuXi capibility (Human/Mouse)

Call activation

T cell

Yes (H/M)

B cell

Yes (H)

NK cell

Yes (H)

Cell differentiation/


M1/M2 macrophage

Yes (H/M)


Yes (H)


Yes (H/M)

Treg, Th1, Th2, Th17 polarization

Yes (H)

Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction

DC co-culture with T

Yes (H/M)

Suppressive Assay

MDSC suppressive assay

Yes (H)

Treg suppressive assay

Yes (H)

Tumor cell+immune cell co-culture

Yes (H)

Cell cytoxicity

Cytotoxic T lymphocyte assay (OT-1 system)

Yes (M)

NK cytotoxicity

Yes (H)


Yes (H)


Yes (H)

Cell exhaustion

T cell exhaustion

Yes (M)

Immuno-oncology In Vitro Technical Competence 

Immune cell profiling in tumor infiltrating leukocyte (TIL) and other tissues (spleen, blood, lymph node, liver, etc.) profiling:

  1. Immune cell population analysis (T, B, NK, DC, Myeloid, Macrophage, Granulocyte, CD4+T, CD8+T, Treg, Th1/2/17, naïve/memory/effector T, g/mMDSC, M1/M2, etc.)
  2. Functional and intracellular marker analysis (PD-1, PD-L1/2, CTLA-4, TIM-3, LAG-3, OX40, 4-1BB, ICOS, Ki-67, IL-2, IL-17, IFNγ, TNFα, Granzyme B, etc.)


  • Soluble biomarker – ELISA, ELISPOT
  • Cell-based biomarker – FACS
  • Tissue-based biomarker – Multiplex IHC
  • Gene expression profiling-RNAseq, Nanostring

Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TILs) Analysis on Human and Murine Tumor Tissues

  • CD4, CD8, MDSC, M1/M2, DC cell, NK cell, B cell
  • PD1, TIM3, LAG3, OX40, 4-1BB
  • Treg, Th1,2,3,17 …

In Vivo Efficacy Evaluation on Animal Models Syngeneic Murine Models

  • Immune-checkpoint humanized models
  • Immune-Avatar humanized models PBMC humanized models
  • HSC humanized models

TM (Tumor Microenvironment) Analysis for Immunoscore by FACS, IHC and IF

CTLs, NK, Tregs, MDSC, TAM, etc.

Lymphoid Tissue and Peripheral Blood Analysis

  • Immune cell populations and subsets – frequency, activation, and differentiation
  • Cytokine and chemokine analysis
  • Anatomical localization ofin vivo anti-tumor immune responses

High Content Platform


Cell-based functional bioassays of bio-relevant activities of enzymes, receptors, and signaling molecules and pathways. Integrated multi-parameter analysis for customized specific needs.


  • Targeted Drug Screening
  • Target-Hit Search
  • Hit to Lead Identification
  • Lead Optimization
  • Drug Mechanism of Actions
  • Drug Kinetics
  • Drug Cytotoxicity

Specific Assays: 2D/3D/4D Image Based Quantitative and Semi-Quantitative Functional Bioassays

  • Cell Proliferation Assay (growth rate, doubling time, viability, etc.)
  • Cell Death Assay (apoptosis, necrosis, autophagy)
  • Cell Cycle Assay (cell cycle phases, mitosis, quiescence, senescence)
  • Subcellular Localization & Translocation Assay (endocytosis, exocytosis, nuclear/cytosol, nuclear structure)
  • Subcellular Organelle Function Assay (mitochondria, Golgi body, endoplasmic reticulum, etc.)
  • Membrane Integrity and Function Analysis
  • Kinase and Signal Transduction Analysis
  • Cell-Cell Interaction Analysis
  • Cell Sub-Population Analysis and Enrichment
  • Cytoskeleton and Extracellular Matrix Analysis
  • Cell Motility, Invasion, and Chemotaxis Assay
  • Oxidative Stress and Cellular Response Analysis
  • DNA and Chromosome Damage, and Genetic Instability Analysis
  • Epigenetic Modification Analysis
  • Transcription Activation and Gene Expression Analysis
  • DNA/Protein Synthesis and Degradation Analysis
  • Protein-Protein, Protein-DNA, Protein-RNA Interaction Analysis
  • Protein Post-Translational Modification and Activation Analysis
  • Customized Services – Please contact us for your special needs.