Affinity Selection Mass Spectrometry

Our dedicated ASMS (Affinity Selection Mass Spectrometry) screening team offers clients this unique platform for the identification of small molecules capable of binding to the active sites of target proteins. These active small molecules will be the perfect starting point for your drug discovery programs. Our high-quality service supports new modalities and challenging targets in drug discovery, including:

  • Disrupting protein-protein interactions (PPI)
  • Molecular glues
  • Chemically induced proximity (CIP)
  • Membrane proteins
  • Transcription factors
  • RNA

Our service is backed by access to small molecule libraries, automated operational systems, sensitive high-resolution mass spectrometry devices and efficient data processing software. 

Access our mini poster and read about our case study, “Application of ASMS for Molecular Glue Discovery, Targeting the CDK12/CCNK/DDB1 Complex” by clicking HERE

Access our mini poster and read about our case study, “Application of ML-enriched ASMS for Hit Discovery, Targeting the Membrane Protein GLUT1” by clicking HERE

ASMS Principle

ASMS Screening Workflow at WuXiAppTec

Why do you need ASMS?

WuXi AppTec Compound Library for ASMS (270 K)

Library features

  • Optimized diversity to maximize chemical space coverage
  • WuXi AppTec and Commercial sources

Filtered by

  • Pan Assay Interference Compounds (PAINS)
  • WuXi AppTec structural filters, derived from medicinal chemistry expertise

Drug-like property distribution

  • MW 200 ~ 500
  • logP 0 ~ 5
  • Hydrogen bond donors 0 ~ 5
  • Hydrogen bond acceptors 0 ~ 10
  • Formal charge -2 ~ 2
  • Number of rotatable bonds 0 ~ 9
  • PSA 10 ~ 150
  • Number of heavy atoms 15 ~ 35

Physicochemical property distribution

Compound Sources

Chemical space comparison

Comprehensive Capability and Strengths at WuXi AppTec