Dysfunction of dephosphorylation has long been linked to the development of human diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, and neurodegeneration. WuXi Biology offers phosphatase assays for compound screening with high data quality and fast turnaround times.

Customers can pick screening services of their choice, including IC50 determination, single point test, or regular SAR screening. 

Phosphatase assays are also available in high-throughput screening and custom assay format.

phosphatase assays, screening, dephosphorylation, phosphorylation

In our prototype phosphatase assay format, the target enzyme hydrolyzes phospho-substrate (DiFMUP) and releases fluorophore (DiFMU). The latter can be detected with excitation at 360 nm and emission at 460 nm. The fluorescence intensity represents the reaction activity.

  • 96/384 well screening
phosphatase assays, screening, dephosphorylation, phosphorylation, PTP1B