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Through our comprehensive platform of specialty and medicinal chemistry services, we provide end-to-end solutions to global pharma and biotech customers for supporting the identification and optimization of lead compounds, to accelerate the selection of preclinical candidates.

Capabilities and Capacity

Synthetic, organic, medicinal chemistry, FFS, FTE, custom synthesis, specialty chemistry, conjugation

20+ years’ experience

Synthetic, organic, medicinal chemistry, FFS, FTE, custom synthesis, specialty chemistry, conjugation, DPC

7 research sites worldwide

Synthetic, organic, medicinal chemistry, FFS, FTE, custom synthesis, specialty chemistry, conjugation, DPC

1300+ global clients

  • 20 of global top 20 pharmaceutical companies
  • 516 clients have FTE collaboration
  • 27 clients with 50+ FTE team including:13 clients with 100+ FTE teams
  • 458 clients with >5 years’ collaboration including: 75 clients with >10 years’ collaboration
  • FFS collaboration covers 1,200+ customers from mg to kg scale synthesis
  • 11,000+ Regular FFS Projects per year, > 95% on time delivery rate
  • 1,200+ DPC (Discovery Process Chemistry) projects per year
  • FFS is well recognized by customers with high Net Promotion Score (NPS) over 85
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Specialty Chemistry

parallel medicinal chemistry library, combinatorial, small molecule, covalent, custom, virtual


Carbohydrate chemistry, glycosylation, oligosaccharides, glycoconjugates, glycolipid, glycopeptide

Carbohydrate Chemistry

custom synthesis of nucleosides, nucleotides, novel carbocyclic nucleoside, prodrugs, triphosphate


macrocyclic chemistry

Macrocyclic Chemistry

organoboron products, Boronic acid, tertiary boronic ester, cyclic boronic ester and MIDA boronates

Boron Chemistry

Fluorescent bio-probes, coumarin, rhodamine, porphyrin, BODIPY, Cyanine, Squaraines

Fluorescent Bio-probe and Labeling

Steroid chemistry platform, chiral center, scale-up capabilities

Steroids Chemistry

SF4 and fluorine gas in normal and high pressure fluorination, introduce fluorine atom to organic molecules

Fluorine Chemistry

Lipids, lipid, lipid nanoparticle


non-radioactive isotopic labeling chemistry with 2H, 13C and 15N

Isotope Labeling

scale up, manufacturing

Discovery Process Chemistry

small molecule background

Impurity Profiling

Technology Platform

Structure and ligand-based Drug Design, virtual screening, CADD, computer aided drug design

Computer-aided Drug Design

Quantum Mechanics

PROTAC expertise with custom linkers, E3 ligase ligand, target protein ligand synthesis, bifunctional molecules


Metallation reactions, flow chemistry, High temperature reactions, nitration, O3 reactions, photo reactions

Flow Chemistry

Electrochemistry, using Different electrodes such as CV, Zn, Ni, RVC, C, Al, Mg, Fe, Cu, Pt, and Ag.


Photoredox chemistry, photocatalytic reaction (blue light, white light, purple light, mercury lamp) Iridium catalysts

Photoredox Chemistry

Late-stage functionalization (LSF), selective reactions to introduce substituents to advance intermediates

Late Stage Functionalization

Biotransformation; enzymes including Hydrolases, Keto-reductases, Transaminase, Amino acid dehydrogenase


crystallization; Polymorph/Salts, crystal form conversion, chiral resolution, single crystal cultivation

Crystallization Platform

reaction condition screenings including catalysis / ligand screening, base / acid / solvent screening

Reaction Condition Screening

Catalysis screening; cross-coupling reactions, Buchwald, Suzuki, Heck, Negishi, Ullmann, Sonogashira

Catalyst Screening

Additional Services

Chiral and achiral high throughput purification, SFC, Isolation and structure elucidation of impurities

Analysis & Purification

Peptide Center offers a comprehensive collection for peptide, peptoid, peptidomimetic custom synthesis

Catalog & Reagent

Compound management includes storage, solution preparation, solid dispensing, assay plate preparation

Compound Management

Use LabNetwork's molecular structure drawing tool to search our extensive chemical catalog


Synthetic Chemistry

Medicinal Chemistry

Process Chemistry

Delivering synthetic and medicinal chemistry solutions to global pharma and biotech customers for creating, identifying, and supporting preclinical candidates, from discovery to development, with our FTE Chemistry Services.

medicinal chemistry, synthetic chemistry, project management

We have over 4,500 synthetic and medicinal chemists and over 430 managers with over 19 years of experience serving global pharma and biotech customers. We have a strong synthetic and medicinal chemistry platform including technology platform, specialty chemistry and integrated discovery.