Using our special designed SafetyAssess™ panels

  • SafetyAssess™ offers multiple panel choices to manifest off-target effects of your drug candidate in quick turnaround and cost effective manner
  • SafetyAssess™ – Standard panel (36) quickly dials out potential liabilities in tissue organs
  • Cell-based functional readout allows better prediction of potential adverse effects

One of the major roadblocks to the successful development of new drugs lies in drug safety and liability issues. Hence, safety pharmacology profiling is increasingly being used earlier in the drug discovery process to find out undesirable off-target properties that could obstruct the development of candidate drugs. WuXi Biology provides Drug Safety Assessment Panels (SafetyAssess™) covering a range of diversified targets to dial out unwanted off-target activity while maintain potency and selectivity against the primary target.

WuXi Biology SafetyAssess™ provides safety profiling that enable to unfold the relationship between target and organ function. The target classes including GPCRs, enzymes/kinases, ion channels, transporters, functional PDEs and NHRs which are served not only as drug targets for disease treatment but also act as drug safety regulators for clinical applications.

WuXi Biology offers SafetyAssess™ profiling at standard, broad and customized levels from over 400 validated assays that cover safety liability in extensive variety of targets and parameters. Our panels offer de-risk property in drug discovery and lead to reduced overall cost of drug development.

SafetyAssess™ Standard Panel

A standard panel WuXi Biology offers with 36 targets selected based on a survey from several big pharmaceutical companies (Nature Review, Drug Discovery, Vol 11, 900, 2012). The panel helps early identification of promiscuity and
other potential liabilities.

SafetyAssess™ Broad Panel

A broad panel consists of 198 targets provides full mechanistic understanding of remaining liabilities before first dose administered in humans.

SafetyAssess™ Customized Panel

Customized panel can be assembled per specific request among ~400 assays.

SafetyAssess™ – Standard Panel List