8th Annual Tumor Models San Francisco Summit

January 30, 2024 - February 1, 2024
San Francisco, CA
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Implementing State-of-the-Art, Reproducible Preclinical Oncology Models to Accelerate Your Candidate’s Clinical Translatability

Join WuXi AppTec at the 8th Tumor Models San Francisco Summit. We are proud to be an exhibition partner of this conference, where preclinical experts discuss strategies to enhance tumor model predictability for addressing the key challenges of clinical translatability. From advanced capabilities in CAR T cell therapy, antibody-drug conjugates, and biomarker discovery, to comprehensive panels of PDX, CDX, and syngeneic tumor models, we provide end-to-end solutions to accelerate lead candidate selection.

Don't miss our poster presentation, entitled: "Establishing EGFR TKI-Resistant Tumor Models for Evaluating the Efficacy of Next-Generation Anticancer Therapies"

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