Cancer Pharmacology Services

Offering a wide range of targeted oncology services and translational models.  Our comprehensive platform includes:

  • in vitro biochemical, biophysical, and cell-based assays, including
    • 600+ human cancer cell lines
    • 70+ PDX-derived cell lines
    • SPR, HTRF, ELISA, and FRET techniques
  • ex vivo PD analysis, including:
    • histopathology services
    • NGS
    • Flow cytometry
    • Gene/protein expression analysis
  • in vivo tumor models, including:
    • 320+ CDX  and  1,400+ PDX models, covering 30 cancer types
    • 32 drug resistant models across 11 key targets
    • Transgenic mice covering 20+ targets
    • 20+ PBMC/HSC humanized models
    • 42 orthotopic models for 15 cancer types
    • 32 metastatic models across 7 cancer types
    • 88 syngeneic models covering 21 cancer types

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Cancer Pharmacology Services


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