Tumor Cell Panel | Screening Services

Comprehensive cell line screening assays integrated with downstream pharmacological services

  • Cell panel  of 600+ human cancer cell lines for single agent or combinatory drug screening, covering 30+ cancer types
  • 100+ mouse cell lines, across 20+ cancer types
  • 95 PDX-derived cell lines
  • 320+ CDX models, ready for use
  • 1,400+ PDX models, for primary tumor cell line isolation
  • Customized cell line generation services ((Lentivirus OE, CRISPR KI/KO) and high-throughput assays
  • Pharmacological services include:
    • Viability/proliferation assays (2D & 3D)
    • Cell cycle and apoptosis assays
    • Phosphorylation and reporter assays

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Tumor cell panel and screening


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