WuXi Biology Announces Launch of an Automatic DNA-Encoded Library (DEL) screening device “DELman” to Leverage DEL for Anyone and Anywhere  

“DELman” opens the door to develop a self-owned DEL screening platform for anyone performing drug discovery to harness the power of DEL where it matters most.

Shanghai, September 15, 2023 – WuXi AppTec, a leading global provider of R&D and manufacturing services that enables the global pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, today released “DELman”, its automatic DEL screening device, designed to enable any scientist or organization to use DEL in a more standardized and flexible way.

With the prevalence of DEL kits services (such as WuXi AppTec’s DELight, DELopen, and DELink), many in academia, and innovative pharma and bio-tech companies are making great strides using DEL technology to generate new molecules as starting points for their drug discovery. However, for wet lab experiments, contamination control, operation control and human error control are vital and yet often difficult when manual processing is involved in the workflow, especially for first timers.

Utilizing a cutting-edge fluidics system and experience from thousands of screening experiences, WuXi AppTec has embedded a specific and standard DEL selection protocol within the automation mechanical system for a standard, stable and consistent DEL screening for anyone, anywhere. After loading the proteins and DELs into the incubation chamber of the cassette and subsequently assembling the cassette into the deck, users only need to select the protocol and press the initiation button to kick-off the screening process. Then, in as few as 1.5-2 hours later, users can collect the post-selection samples and proceed to the next round of screening or with NGS and downstream data analysis.

A higher level of the standardization contributes to better experimental risk management during DEL selection. To make DEL more flexible and visualized, WuXi AppTec has now deployed a 100% open-source library kit – “DEL SE” – with unlocked structures and codes, to be used together with self-service DEL data tools such as “Decoder” for post-NGS data decoding and “Hit Copilot” for customized post-selection DEL data performance analysis.

This campaign to standardize and automate DEL screening, led by WuXi AppTec, may be particularly beneficial to researchers who wish to make DEL a bench top tool for routine, small molecule discovery – and to realize the vision that “every drug can be made and every disease can be treated.”

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