SAPA-GP 2024 Annual Conference

March 8, 2024 - March 9, 2024
King of Prussia, PA
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Innovating the Biopharma Frontier: A Path to Growth and Impact

We are proud to have our Director of Assay & DEL Screening, Dr. Zhifeng Yu, speaking at this year's SAPA conference: "Unveiling WuXi AppTec’s Innovative Approaches in the Identification of Covalent Small Molecule Binders"

We have developed innovative approaches, including covalent DNA-encoded libraries, covalent fragments, and high-throughput screening library collections, to screen for covalent binders. Complemented by integrated follow-up services such as docking, X-ray crystallography, peptide mapping, and assay validation, our covalent platform offers comprehensive target-to-lead services for early covalent drug discovery. To prearrange a dedicated, one-on-one meeting, please complete the brief form on the right.

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