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Colitis-Associated Cancer Mouse Model

The cumulative impact of chronic inflammation in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) predisposes them to the development of IBD-associated colorectal cancer. To support drug discovery research in this area, WuXi AppTec has developed a colitis-associated cancer mouse model to reflect the human colon’s carcinogenesis pattern derived from inflammation. Key features of this model include …Read More >

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In Vivo Models of Tumor Complications

Tumors and anti-tumor therapies may cause diverse systemic complications. Treatment of these complications is essential in optimizing quality of life and improving the clinical value of cancer therapies. WuXi AppTec offers well-established in vivo tumor complication-related models in a translationally relevant platform to support drug discovery teams. Our panel includes cancer models representing cachexia, diarrhea, …Read More >

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Fibrosis Models in Mice and Rats

Selecting preclinical in vivo models that are reflective of clinical outcome is a key challenge in the development of new therapies to treat fibrotic diseases.  To accelerate research focused on pulmonary, renal, and liver fibrosis, WuXi AppTec has established a series of in vivo models supported with anti-fibrotic efficacy data.  Our platform also includes a …Read More >

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OncoWuXi Express: In Vitro Hydrogel-based 3D Tumor Models

Introduction: Over the last few years, the clinical success of immune checkpoint inhibitors has increasingly drawn attention to cancer therapies that target the tumor microenvironment (TME). TME consists of various cell types that are embedded in the extracellular matrix (ECM), including immune cells, endothelial cells, and cancer associated fibroblasts, all of which play critical roles …Read More >

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GPCR-Membrane Protein Platform

WuXi AppTec provides a comprehensive platform of advanced biophysical assays and structural biology services to accelerate lead optimization efforts focused on GPCRs and membrane proteins. Our capabilities include high-quality protein production across all major target classes and nanodisc reconstitution of membrane proteins for screening. We also offer established protocols for cryo-EM structure determination and assessment …Read More >

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Negative allosteric modulation of the µ-opioid receptor

DNA-encoded libraries from WuXi AppTec were used in a “steered” screening against either inactive or active μ-opioid receptors in parallel, to find novel negative allosteric modulators of this receptor. The molecule discovered via DEL screening not only shows direct and effective in vitro and in vivo potency, but also helps elucidate the mechanism of negative allosteric modulation of GPCRs. This discovery …Read More >

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Combined Inhibition of KRAS G12C and PD1 Boosts Therapeutic Efficacy via Conditioning of Tumor Microenvironment

The G12C mutation is one of the most frequent KRAS mutations in non–small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), and oncogenic RAS signaling has been shown to promote an immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment by upregulating PD-L1 expression.  At SITC 2023, WuXi AppTec scientists presented a poster showing that combination therapy of the KRAS G12C inhibitor AMG 510 with …Read More >

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Progress and Challenges in Tumor Vaccine Development

Introduction: Cancer is a major public health concern, and this disease is a leading cause of death worldwide. There are over 200 different types of cancer, and such complexity has slowed the rate of progress being made by researchers. Encouragingly, the emergence of immunotherapies, especially tumor vaccines, brings hope to cancer patients. Personalized tumor vaccines …Read More >

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Discovery and Characterization of ZL-2201, a Potent, Highly Selective, and Orally Bioavailable Small-molecule DNA-PK Inhibitor

DNA-dependent protein kinase (DNA-PK) plays an important role in the overall survival and proliferation of cells, making this enzyme an intriguing target for the treatment of a variety of cancers.  In our latest publication, WuXi AppTec scientists contributed to the discovery and characterization of ZL-2201, a potent and highly selective small molecule DNA-PK inhibitor.  In …Read More >

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