Clinical Virology

Clinical Virology and Advanced Therapy Platforms Research Services:

  • CAP Accredited Molecular Testing Laboratory
  • Genetics and Biomarker Platform
  • HBV Genotyping Assays
  • HBV Serology Assays
  • HBV Phenotyping Assays
  • Immunological Assays
  • Other Assays:  Oncolytic |  CAR-T/TCR-T

Particular Solutions

  • Clinical virology: Viral load, sequencing, genotyping, TCID50, phenotyping, virus isolation and characterization, serology
  • Vaccines: Advanced therapies (Viral vector and cell therapies): Detection of antigen, antibody and virus, titration of neutralization Ab, assessment of evaluation of cellular immune responses and cytokines
  • Advanced therapies (Viral vector and cell therapies): Vector copy number and RCL by qPCR, T cell phenotype, cytokine/chemokine expression and secretion, cytotoxicity assay, titration of neutralization Ab, PK by qPCR, plaque assay, TCID50and IHC, transgene expression and functional assays, cytokines and inflammation markers, immune cell activation
  • Genetics and biomarkers: Biomarkers for NASH, CYP2D6, IL28B, UGT1A9 genotyping. Gene expression by RT-qPCR, NGS

WuXi Clinical Virology


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