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STX-478, a Mutant-Selective, Allosteric PI3Kα Inhibitor Spares Metabolic Dysfunction and Improves Therapeutic Response in PI3Kα-Mutant Xenografts

The contribution of the X-ray crystallography team from our WuXi AppTec site in Germany was acknowledged in a recent study published in the journal Cancer Discovery. In this study, the authors show that compound STX-478, an allosteric PI3Kα inhibitor, selectively targets prevalent PI3Kα helical- and kinase-domain mutant tumors. STX-478 demonstrated robust efficacy in human tumor …Read More >

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We offer established protocols for cryo-EM structure determination, with extensive experience in epitope mapping, formulation characterization, and structure-based drug discovery (SBDD). Our integrated services platform also includes: Biophysical and biochemical screening assays Crystal-grade protein production High-resolution X-ray crystallography

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High Throughput Protein Production

We offer high-quality protein production with expertise across all major target classes. Our panel of services includes an automated multistep purification platform for fast parallelized production of high quality proteins, and QC/functionality testing via nanoDSF and MST techniques.

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