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Combined Inhibition of KRAS G12C and PD1 Boosts Therapeutic Efficacy via Conditioning of Tumor Microenvironment

The G12C mutation is one of the most frequent KRAS mutations in non–small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), and oncogenic RAS signaling has been shown to promote an immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment by upregulating PD-L1 expression.  At SITC 2023, WuXi AppTec scientists presented a poster showing that combination therapy of the KRAS G12C inhibitor AMG 510 with …Read More >

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Discovery and Characterization of ZL-2201, a Potent, Highly Selective, and Orally Bioavailable Small-molecule DNA-PK Inhibitor

DNA-dependent protein kinase (DNA-PK) plays an important role in the overall survival and proliferation of cells, making this enzyme an intriguing target for the treatment of a variety of cancers.  In our latest publication, WuXi AppTec scientists contributed to the discovery and characterization of ZL-2201, a potent and highly selective small molecule DNA-PK inhibitor.  In …Read More >

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Osimertinib-Resistant Cell Lines and Models

Despite the robust clinical activity exerted by osimertinib, a majority of patients eventually exhibit disease progression while receiving this drug.  Resistance to osimertinib includes both on-target and off-target mechanisms.  With the use of osimertinib for advanced EGFR-mutant NSCLC increasing, the development of targeted therapies toward osimertinib resistance represents an unmet medical need.  To support research …Read More >

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Anti-Tumor Nucleic Acid Drug Discovery Platform

Successful application of nucleic acid therapeutics faces many challenges, including delivery efficiency and off-target effects.  To address these challenges, WuXi AppTec offers a full suite of nucleic acid-related services, including target validation, in vitro screening and cell-based functional assays, drug exposure analysis, biodistribution evaluation, PK/PD/efficacy testing, and safety assessment.  Leverage our comprehensive platform to accelerate …Read More >

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Enhertu-Induced Resistant Tumor Models

Antibody‒drug conjugates (ADCs), which combine the advantages of monoclonal antibodies with precise targeting and payloads, show great potential as cancer therapies.  However, primary and secondary resistance is frequently observed, and development of next generation ADCs necessitates the establishment of resistant tumor models.  WuXi AppTec offers validated, Enhertu-induced resistant tumor models to support project teams focused …Read More >

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OncoWuXi Express: In vitro and in vivo evaluation of an mRNA-encoded bispecific antibody (EpCAM/CD3)

Introduction: Nucleic acid therapies can regulate the expression level or activity of disease-related targets at the genetic level, offering advantages such as a wide target range, programmability, and rapid iteration.  However, the wide application of nucleic acid drugs still faces many challenges, including delivery efficiency and off-target effects. To address these challenges, the Oncology-Immunology team …Read More >

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Atopic Dermatitis Models

Atopic dermatitis (AD) is the most common, chronic inflammatory skin disease.  To support drug discovery research in this area, WuXi AppTec offers a broad platform of validated, in vivo AD models.  Our panel includes DNCB, DNFB, and MC903-induced AD models.  Study readouts include histopathology scoring and measurements of serum IgE levels, transepidermal water loss, and …Read More >

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Metastasis-Related In Vitro Assays and Xenograft Models

Cell migration, invasion, and adhesion are pivotal steps in cancer metastasis.  To support research in this field, WuXi AppTec offers in vitro transwell migration and invasion assays using multiple cell types for assessing cell migratory behavior.  In addition, our in vivo metastasis panel includes a broad range of brain, bone, and liver xenograft models covering …Read More >

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Translational Pharmacology of CNS and Metabolic Disorders for Testing New Modality Therapies

Animal studies may provide a close approximation to humans when addressing the key challenge of clinical translatability. In the preclinical setting, new insights into disease models and mechanisms are crucial to efficacy studies. In this webinar, Dr. Deming Xu, Chief Pharmacologist, Executive Director, and Head of In Vivo Pharmacology of WuXi AppTec Discovery Biology will …Read More >

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