Proventa Medicinal Chemistry Meeting

November 15, 2022
Cambridge MA
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Using innovative modalities, researchers are making rapid progress in developing therapeutics against targets previously considered to be undruggable.  Join WuXi AppTec in roundtable discussions hosted by Proventa.  Learn about recent advances in the use of bifunctional molecules, antisense oligonucleotides, and screening approaches to identify covalent inhibitors and small molecule ligands of RNA.

Keynote Speaker and Roundtable Chair
Enabling and Accelerating Innovative and Emerging Modalities Drug Discovery
Dr. Tao Guo, Senior Vice President and Head of WuXi Chemistry, WuXi AppTec
Round Table Chair | Hit Identification and Lead Optimization
Hit Identification Technologies and Cracking Undruggable Targets - Which Technology to Choose?
Andreas Schoop, PhD, Head of Medicinal Chemistry, WuXi AppTec

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