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Case Study: DEL Data Combined with In Silico Deep-Learning Model

Read our newest case study on enhancing predictivity of drug-target interactions. In collaboration with Cyclica, WuXi AppTec scientists engaged in a study to understand the synergies between DNA encoded library (DEL) screening and Cyclica’s MatchMaker™ deep-learning model for protein-ligand interactions. Our findings indicate that combining experimental DEL data with computational analysis from MatchMaker™ can lead …Read More >

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Resource Topic: DNA-Encoded Library (DEL) Hit Finding in silico services


Faster with high-speed fragment screening — Accelerate your drug discovery campaign

In the past, thousands of proteins were considered undruggable. The restricted number of chemical entities available and classical methods limited the exploration of this undevelopable area. Today, the combination of novel chemical modalities and advanced technical approaches has resulted in new clinical candidates from previously undruggable targets. To accelerate your drug discovery campaign, WuXi AppTec´s …Read More >

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