• Generation of cell lines with CRISPR-mediated gene knockout, mutation knocking
  • Genome-wide screening for target identification and validation
  • Human and mouse CRISPR knockout libraries
  • Human CRISPR activation libraries
  • Fast generation of GEMMs for genetic disease
  • Gene therapy
CRISPR, Cas9, KI, KO, sgRNA, genomic
CRISPR Mechanism, CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing, GEMMs, gene therapy, rare genetic diseases

In vivo CRISPR animal models and services

High Efficiency Genome Editing Service for Drug Discovery

From genome editing to disease models and PK-PD-efficacy studies

In Vivo CRISPR Platform for Rare Disease

  • Well-established in vivo gene editing platform in rodent
  • Generation of genetically engineered animal models (GEAM) for drug discovery in rare disease
  • 30+ knockin and knockout mouse lines generated last year
In vivo CRISPR platform for Rare Diseases, GEAM, GEMM, gene editing, gene therapy

Efficacy Evaluation and MoA Research Platform

  • Well-established in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo bioassay platforms
  • Multiple routes for drug administration, animal and tissue manipulation and histopathology

Knockout Services

  • CRISPR/CAS9 based knockout in mouse, rat
  • ES cell based knockout in mouse

Knockin Services

  • CRISPR/CAS9 based knockin in mouse, rat
  • ES cell based knocking in mouse

Humanization Services

  • In situ replace mouse gene with matched human exons or introns
  • Express human cDNA under the control of mouse promoter

Transgenic Services

  • Random integration into genome
  • Targeted transgene into Rosa26 or other site

Genotyping and Phenotyping Services

  • Analyze the genotype of mice and cells by PCR, Southern Blot or NGS
  • Characterization of disease mouse models

Other Services

  • In vitro fertilization
  • Embryo and sperm cryopreservation

Compliance and Accreditations

  • AAALAC accredited facility
  • OECD – received a statement of GLP compliance from the Belgium regulatory authorities
  • Chinese SFDA – received certificate of GLP compliance
  • WuXi has conducted IND and NDA enabling studies for submission to the US FDA