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Drugging the Undruggable: Leveraging the Right Screening Methods for Challenging Targets

Challenging targets, such as membrane proteins or protein-protein interactions were considered undruggable in the past. However, today a variety of screening methods can be used to help develop drugs against these formerly undruggable targets.

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Resource Topic: DNA-Encoded Library (DEL) Hit Finding in silico services Mass Spectrometry-based Assays Screening Services Small Molecules Structural Biology Target Identification and Validation Targeted Protein Degradation


Structure determination: comparison of methods

WuXi AppTec offers comprehensive structural generation solutions for today´s challenging targets. Our experts provide insights and data to support hit finding through to lead optimization.

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Resource Topic: Biophysical Assays Cells and Protein Science Hit Finding Hit-to-Lead Lead Optimization Structural Biology Target Identification and Validation


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