KRAS-related Genetically Engineered Cell Lines and In Vivo Models

KRAS mutant proteins that drive cancer development are highly similar in sequence and structure. Direct inhibitors are most likely to bind to the catalytic domain of KRAS. However, recent studies have found that KRAS mutants can also be targeted by heterogeneous sites, to develop covalent inhibitors of KRAS mutants. The discovery of inhibitors that selectively target KRAS (G12C) while preserving wild-type KRAS is rapidly transforming the development of next-generation therapies.

WuXi AppTec offers end-to-end solutions for supporting teams working on KRAS.  Our capabilities encompass every stage of the drug discovery process, from hit ID through preclinical candidate selection.  From crystal-grade KRAS protein production, to KRAS G12C drug resistant tumor models, our services platform can accelerate your research pipeline.

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