FASEB conference June 2024 Ubiquitin

Ubiquitin and Ub-like Proteins

June 9, 2024 - June 13, 2024
Niagara Falls, NY
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Join WuXi AppTec at the 2024 FASEB Science Research Conference: Ubiquitin and Ub-like Proteins.

This year’s conference will include discussions of 1) the enzymes involved in UB/UBL post-translational modifications and their mechanisms of action; 2) the role of UB/UBL modifications and degradation products of these pathways in disease; 3) the role of UB/UBL modifications in development and signaling pathways; 4) mechanisms of the macromolecular machines involved in UB/UBL biology and targeted protein degradation; 5) protein quality control and cellular stress response mechanisms; and 6) therapeutic targeting and opportunities in UB/UBL pathways.

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