WuXi AppTec in vitro Safety Pharmacology Profiling

Comprehensive in vitro Off-target Screening Services

WuXi Discovery Biology provides in vitro Safety Pharmacology services to identify potential off-target liabilities. Three choices can
be selected:

  • WuXi Biology Mini Safety Panel “WuXi Mini 44”
    A primary safety panel, which is designed to identify compounds with the highest risk because it contains targets
    associated with the most serious ADRs. This panel is recommended for use early in drug discovery stage for early
    hazard identification.
    The 44 selected targets are recommended by four major pharmaceutical companies ((Bowes J. et al. Nat Rev Drug
    Discov. 2012), including 24 GPCRs, 8 ion channels, 7 enzymes, 3 monoamine transporters and 2 nuclear
    hormone receptors.
  • WuXi Biology Second Safety Panel “WuXi Extra 54”
    A panel of additional 54 targets. This more extensive panel contains such targets that have the combination of
    either low-hit-rate/high-risk ADRs or high-hit-rate/ lower-risk ADRs. This panel is ideal for broad characterization
    of a limited number of compounds for lead selection, provides data to drive SAR for lead optimization.
    The 54 selected targets include 26 GPCRs, 5 ion channels, 18 enzymes, 3 nuclear hormone receptors and 2
    transmembrane targets.
  • WuXi Biology Full Panel  “WuXi 98”
    The combination of WuXi Mini 44 and WuXi Extra 54.

WuXi AppTec In Vitro Safety Panel


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