in vitro Toxicity Services

Identify potential liability issues in early stages of drug discovery

  • Cardiotoxicity
    • hERG and other ion channel test
    • Stem cell derived cardiomyocyte test on MEA
  • General Cytotoxicity
    • Cell Viability Assay
    • Apoptosis Assay
    • CellTox ™ Green Cytotoxicity Assay
    • ApoTox Glo ™ Triplex Assay
  • Mitochondrial ToxicityMitochondrial
    • Membrane Potential Assay
    • Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) Assay
    • Oxygen Consumption Assay: MitoXpress ® Xtra OCR Assay
    • MitoXpress ® Cellular Energy Flux OCR/ECAR Assay
    • Glucose/Galactose Assay
    • Seahorse Cellular Mitochondrial Stress Assay
    • MitoBiogenesis Assay
  • Lipotoxicity
    • Phospholipidosis Assay
    • Steatosis Assay
  • Hepatotoxicity
    • 2D culture hepatotoxicity testing using HepG2 cells or human primary hepatotoxicity
    • 3D culture hepatotoxicity testing using human primary hepatotoxicity
  • Nephrotoxicity
  • Hemototoxicity
  • Genotoxicity
    • Ames Assay
    • In Vitro Micronucleus Assay
  • Neurotoxicity
    • Neurite Outgrowth Assay
  • Phototoxicity
    • In Vitro 3T3 NRU Phototoxicity Test

WuXi AppTec In Vitro Toxicity Services


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