WuXi AppTec Oligonucleotide Biology Platform

WuXi Biology oligonucleotide capabilities

  • Sequence design
  • Knockdown effect incell lines and primary cells (transfection d f uptake)
  • Splicing analysis
  • Functional assays
  • Other assays: Tm determination
  • Cytotoxicity
  • lmmunotoxicity
  • Off-target effect
  • “Humanized” mouse models
  • Transgenic, HDI and AAV mouse models
  • NHP models
  • Short and longterm KD efficacy/ harmacology readouts
  • GalNAc-ASGPR delivery system
  • SPR screening
  • Customized assays for other delivery systems
  • in vitro stability and protein-protein binding
  • Delivery/RISC PK in mouse, rat, NHP

WuXi AppTec oligonucleotide platform brochure


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