Proventa Drug Discovery Biology

November 14, 2022
Cambridge MA
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Keynote Presentation
The new frontiers of DNA Encoded Library Technology
Letian Kuai, Ph.D Executive Director, DEL Technology and Strategy Chief Scientific Officer, Crelux, WuXi AppTec
Roundtable Chair: Henry Lu Ph.D , VP and Head of Discovery Biology
Roundtable Track 4: In vitro Bioassays and in vivo Pharmacology

Topic: In vitro bioassays and in vivo pharmacology to support RNA biology
Roundtable Chair: Andreas Schoop, PhD, Head of Medicinal Chemistry, WuXi AppTec
Roundtable Track 2: Structure and Biophysics

​​​​​​Topic: The future of protein structure prediction: advantages, applications and limitations in Drug Discovery

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