mRNA Services Platform

Design and production of mRNA

  • Design and optimization of mRNA sequences
    • Utilizing the design and optimization techniques for mRNA sequences, UTR screening, and codon optimization
  • Plasmid and DNA template productions for in vitro transcription
    • Employment of a classical three-step purification method
    • Implementation of mono-enzyme digestion and purification through chromatography
  • Research scale mRNA production and characterization
    • Generation of conventional 5’ capped mRNA with chemically modified nucleosides (optional: a two-step method)
    • Analysis of purity, integrity, capping efficiency, poly A length and dsRNA residue, and endotoxins residue

mRNA delivery system

  • mRNA delivery
    • LNP (microfluidic system) and others
      ✓ Tissue targeted LNP
      ✓ SORT strategy
    • Lipoplexes (LPX)
  • Characterizations
    • Particle size distribution
    • Polydispersity index (PDI)
    • Zeta potential
    • pKa
    • Encapsulation efficiency
    • Particle morphology
    • Endotoxin residue

In vitro and in vivo evaluations

In vitro and in vivo delivery and biodistribution

  • Cell lines: over 1500 cell lines and patient-derived fibroblasts, establishment of
    customized stable cell lines
  • Primary cells: primary hepatocytes of human, mouse, rat, dog and monkey;
    availability of other customized primary cells
  • Animal models: various species of rodents and NHP
  • Methods for evaluations of mRNA uptake and protein expression: bDNA,
    LC/MS, HCS, ELISA , Western blot, flow cytometry, IF and more
  • In vivo delivery and biodistribution: live image system.

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