DELFinder, A Powerful Tool For Tracking DEL Technology Available Online!

An emerging technology for new drug discovery, DNA-encoded libraries (DEL) are increasingly being adopted by researchers in academia and industry. However, because DEL is a multidisciplinary technology incorporating chemistry, biology, and informatics, mainstream databases often do not offer useful resources, literature and information to understand DEL technology.

On January 3, 2020, DELopen launched DELFinder, a DEL specific academic search engine designed to assist global drug researchers with locating relevant literature about DEL technology. At the same time, DEL HitFinder, a database for tracking the hits discovered by DEL technology, is also open for DELopen users.

▲DELFinder Homepage

DELFinder contains all published DEL-related papers, patentsbooksthesesconference papersnewsclinical trial reports, etc. Researchers can quickly and accurately search the desired DEL literature or reports by filters such as source type, company/organization, publication date, database, keywords, etc., and get original sources through the provided links, so as to learn and track the research progress and latest applications of DEL technology.

▲DEL articles by Professor Richard Lerner, who first put foward the DEL concept

DEL HitFinder not only summarizes all published hits discovered by DEL technology, but also lists information about author, company/organization, library size, target, and biological activity data, with links to the original sources. The DEL HitFinder database allows users to track the latest results of screening hits with DEL technology and obtain the latest developments in related research fields.

▲DEL HitFinder Homepage

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