Advanced Gene Manipulations (AGM™)

WuXi Biology Advanced Gene Manipulation (AGM™) technology and platform provide comprehensive solutions to our clients for their gene manipulations of knock-down, knock-out, knock-in and over-expression. This is done in order to understand the gene of interest, its functional impact and mechanism of action. Various types of genetic manipulation including AAVs-based vectors, proprietary genome editing, and transgenic technology offer cell and animal models. These models are region specific, tissue specific and cell type specific as they support target discovery and target engagement for diseases and the impact of drug treatment.

Integration of AGM™ with in vitro, in vivo pharmacology, biomarkers, and bioinformatics has enabled us to become a leader in the services around target discovery, validation, translational sciences and lead discoveries. We offer:

• Innovative technologies and know-how
• Comprehensive options from cellular, tissue, and in vivo studies
• One of the world’s leading CRISPR library screening platform
• Comprehensive platforms and service types in target validation and target identification
• Well-established efficacy evaluation platform for rare diseases

Vector Mediated Gene Delivery & Manipulation

Comprehensive viral-based & non-viral-based vectors in specific cells, tissue, organ or systemic gene delivery & manipulation in vitro & in vivo

  • AAVs-based (various serotypes) on efficient & less tox manipulation & delivery
  • Lentiviral-based mediated inducible cell lines for xenograft models
  • Retroviral-based gene manipulation in cell lines
  • siRNA & shRNA-based gene manipulation
  • siRNA and CRISPR sgRNA library screening and target id
RNAi Therapies, siRNA, ASO
Antisense Oligonucleotide Therapies, ASO

Genome Editing & Cell Line Generation

Targeted genome editing platform for knockout, knock-in at cell types of interest

  • Reporter-based assay systems using endogenous or external promoters
  • Modification of endogenous genes (e.g. polymorphisms, site-directed mutations)
  • Biologic function of any gene or pathway
  • Physiologically relevant genes, Boosting or retaining
  • CRISPR/cas9 technology for isogenic cell line generation
Individualized Oligonucleotide Therapies, siRNA, ASO

Mouse Genetics

Comprehensive viral-based & non-viral-based vectors, transgenic technology for the generation of animal disease models & target engagement for proof-of-concept

  • Conventional knockout, knockdown, & knock-in mice
  • Conditional, brain, other organ, or cell type specific knockout mice
  • Region or cell type specific inducible/reversible transgenic mice
  • BAC/YAC transgenic mice for humanized animal model

Phenotypic Characterization

  • In vitro functional readouts, gene expression profiling, target MOA, & pathway analysis
  • In vivo phenotypic characterizations in various disease models (Metabolic disease, Oncology, CNS, & inflammation)
  • Biomarker discovery, IHC, in situ protein expression with bioinformatics supports
  • Bioinformatics supports & data analysis